Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What order should i use these skin care products?

I have mild acne and following my face wash, i use a combination of the following:



Benzoyl Peroxide; and

Differin gel at night.

I%26#039;m wondering what is the best order to apply these products.|||1. Benzoyl Peroxide

2. Toner

3. Moisturizer (Daytime)/Differin Gel (Nightime)

I don%26#039;t know if you really need both the toner and the peroxide. Be careful not to overdo, as you can dry your skin out too much without improving the acne.

What are the common stressed related skin allergies of Filipinos?

I have a skin disease that when I get stressed, It forms in my hands. They are small, round clumps and watery inside and very itchy too. What is this?|||Basically this is just a form of eczema or dermatitis. An underlying sensitivity or allergy can be the root of the problem. You don%26#039;t say if you are an allergy sufferer or not.

Stress can aggravate any medical condition. Try switching to hypoallergenic soaps and laundry products to see if this helps.

How do you get rid of oily skin without the expense of products?

I can%26#039;t really go to the market and buy products because my family is kind of tight in money.|||All the previous answers are things to try, toner will close your pores after cleansing, witches hazel will dry your skin a bit and close your pores but is pretty hard on the skin and your facial skin may become very sensitive very quickly. There are some really inexpensive facial cleansers at say Walgreen%26#039;s such as Deep Clean by Neutrogena. However, if you have zero money, have teenager skin and you don%26#039;t want acne scars --go this route--use a really mild soap on your face like Dove maybe, just using your clean hands and warm water. Then dab very well with vinegar. It will take the oil off your face and clean and balance your pores. It will sting but really be soft and smooth after. For a facial mask for oily skin do what the old-time fashion models once did--take oatmeal and mix with milk (you can use water but I like milk for the skin). You can use it as a mask right away but I like it to sit overnight in the refrigerator overnight--makes the mix softer. Do not scrub your face with this oatmeal mixture as it is just to be dabbed on the face, let it dry a bit and keep building it up on your face. It will draw the oil off your face. The oatmeal is not round and soft really, so do not scrub your face with this mask. Let it dry and remove with warm water, then vinegar to balance the skin. Once again, if you have any money at all just go study the facial masks at like Walgreens and you%26#039;re looking for the mud type masks for oily skin. The Walgreens products are like 2-3 dollars only. But, the oatmeal mask and vinegar toner are both good any time and should be mixed in anyway, just to remove oils and costs down over the years..|||Drink more water to help clean out toxins that are in your pores and use inexpensive oil blotting sheets through out the day.|||I use clean and clear daily oil strips.

They don%26#039;t smudge your make up, and take the shine off your face.

You can get them at Wal-Mart for like, 4 Dollars|||use lemon and honey as face mask twice a week|||Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and eating enough Vitamin C everyday. These things flush out toxins in your body and are great for your skin! Good luck!|||Just by Toner or Witches Hazel|||The best way? quite honestly, modify your diet. Drink lots of water, and eat veggies and fruits. I did this awhile ago, and my skin cleared up, my face wasn%26#039;t as oily.

btw--don%26#039;t fret about oily skin; even though I%26#039;m a smoker, people tell me I look 1/2 my age. ;) There is a tremendous upside to oily skin.

An astringent can help with the oily skin, and face powder later in the day when you can%26#039;t carry the astringent with you, like at school.|||Go buy a $ 1.50 bottle of rubbing alchol and after your shower use a Cotton ball an apply it on the oily spots|||Ah! Don%26#039;t use straight rubbing alcohol on your skin. You%26#039;ll go from oily to super dry, tight, and irritated. Instead, try buying a bottle of Witch Hazel from your local market or drugstore. This should be in the First Aid section. It%26#039;s all-natural, not as drying as alcohol, yet works wonders on oily skin and breakouts. It even smells pretty darn nice (and it%26#039;s a lot less expensive than those pricey toners).

I hope this helps you!

How do you create the airbrushed looking skin for glamour shots?

I want to shoot a glamour shot but i dont know how to make the skin have that pure smooth look?|||It%26#039;s a Gaussian Blur in Photoshop.

Draw a lasso round the area you want to make smoother.

Then press ctrl+D to feather the edge of the lasso (this depends on the image%26#039;s size and resolution).

Then go to Filter %26gt; Blur %26gt; Gaussian Blur and play around with the amount of blur you apply to that area.||||||Try the free trail at Quick, easy, good results

How do I make really crispy "skin-on" fried chicken without a deep fat fryer?

Almost every recipe I see requires a deep fat fryer. I don%26#039;t want to buy one since I would practically never use it except for fried chicken. I do have an electric skillet that is approximately 1 inch deep and can heat up to 400 degrees. No problem for me to leave the skin on, as it%26#039;s my favorite part (just about - and in moderation!).|||Just use one of your deep kitchen pots! It will do fine, that%26#039;s what I use. It will become a deep fryer!|||Marge-

I have never used a Deep Fryer for my chicken. However, I do use a large Iron Skillet filled about 1/2 way with Canola Oil.

My Granny, tought me the ol%26#039; Okie way. Entire family is from Oklahoma. We just salt the chicken, then mix up more Salt, in some flour with black pepper, then dredge the chicken in that and away we go to the skillet. Just set your heat on the stove to about Med-High and let the oil get good and hot before you place the chicken into the skillet. The Chicken will cool the oil off as you load the skillet, just be sure to not overload the skillet, about 6 to 8 pieces of Chicken per skillet is my rule of thumb.

With the Thighs and Breasts, be sure to chek them with a meat fork after you turn them over for the second time, you want to be sure they are cooking to the bones. When the juice runs clear, they are done. Just be sure you let the stove do the work, and plan on about 30 to 40 minutes cook time.

Good Luck!|||i dont know about skin on but for my kids i do potatoe chip chicken. take boneless chicken breast strips, and dip into egg wash. in a 1 gallon ziplock bag crush chips of your choice into very small pieces. spay a cookie sheet with evoo spray ( healthier than vegetable oil) roll or shake the chicken in the chips and bake until chicken is cooked. wait until chicken slides of easily to flip or you%26#039;ll lose all you chips, i use tongs to flip. serve with sauce to go with chips. for a healthier option use tortilla chips with salsa to dip.|||Just fry it in your skillet with oil half way up on the chicken. Turn it over when the first side is browned. My mom and grandmotehr never used a deep fat fryer, ever and they made fried chicken all the time. I believe Alton Brown did the same on his show GOOD EATS.|||The best way I have found to do this is to go to the local grocery store and find a product called Oven Fry. There are different flavors for chicken and pork I think. Follow directions on the box and enjoy some awesome crispy oven fried chicken.|||Try frying; crispy chicken. Flour and your favorite spices. Mix. Coat chicken well, place skin side down on a baking sheet; and bake @ 400* for about 1/2 hour; turn and bake for another 1/2 hour or so. Spray pan with cooking oil(Pam). Delicious.|||Tekkaman knows how to pan-fry the birds!

How do you get perfect and creamier skin from head to toe?

I am a black teen girl (my skin is not chocolate dark, it is brown) and I want to know how to get your skin flawless and lighter/creamier/purer! I get white heads on my face often, I have dark circles under eyes, I have really small bumps the color of my skin on my face, My skin can either be dry or greasy/oily and I have large pores! Can you help me achieve perfect skin to die for? Should I wear sunscreen even though I am not white(not to be racist)? If so what type of sunscreen! Is there a daily regime I should do! Please help! I%26#039;ve always wanted great skin!|||EVERYONE needs sunscreen! UV rays are harmful to any skin type.

Check out a pore-reducing cleanser or face mask make for your skin type. Once I find a brand I like, I get multiple types so I can use which ever I need for that day.

Drink a lot of water (64-80 oz/day) and you%26#039;ll see results within a few weeks (or less).

If you%26#039;re young, your skin is going to change anyway. Stay away from future scarring by not picking at anything.

Pay attention to what you put near your face: are your pillow cases clean? Do you lean on your palm? Do you talk with your chin on the phone?

For the circles, make sure you get your sleep. Stick to a schedule and get at least 7 hours a night. If you%26#039;re a teen, you need more.

If you don%26#039;t see a difference after all that - and you must stick to it - then ask a dermatologist. I think you%26#039;re gonna look great!|||sunscreen is the most important thing you could do for your skin. and moisturizer. non-drying cleanser. use a clean pillowcase or a clean towel over ur pillow everynight.. use rice papers or those thing blotting tissue to control oil. dont use astringents or anything harsh like that. ur skin may never be perfect and creamy but it can get a lot better, i got skin issues and i really like aveeno products. their gentle and calming to my skin that can be bumpy and irritated. oh yeah and hands off ur face no matter what, get use to it|||I think the best you can do is to find a recomended estetician in your area, and go in for a full facial. She will know a lot about this stuff, and you can talk to her as she cleanses your face. I have large pores too, and the facials help me a lot.

And the UV block still makes sense, whites don%26#039;t have a monopoly on wrinkles and cancer ;)|||wash and exfoliate your skin every single day. wash your face 2-3 times daily. use a scrub such as st.ives that has the little beads in it. this will help to eliminate the whiteheads. wash with a soap such a dove. apply ambi fade cream around your eyes and on any blemishes. use fair and white lotion. this product will helpyour skin get clearer and lighter. apply a product sunscreen daily even in the winter and when the sun isn%26#039;t out. drink plenty of water. ( i am a black female as well and i know exactly what you are talking about, iv%26#039;e also dealt with all of your skincare problems)|||From all of the imperfections you have stated about your skin, I would believe that you need to address each with a different solution. Firstly you might want to visit a dermatologist. He/she will help you find the right creams and treatments to reduce the tougher things like deep %26quot;bumps%26quot; under the skin, which i believe to be ingrown zits. After the more difficult things are addressed you can start with the basic essentials which are: Exfoliating, Facial Scrubs, Toning %26amp; moisturising. For the moisturising you can also have a 2 in 1 sunscreen and moisturiser. From your description I gather you have oily skin so you need to keep this in mind when buying your skin products to find ones that are suitable.

I must add that beauty shines from within. So no matter how much creams you slap on and how many dermatologists you visit, you need to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water and EXERCISE!

I hope this helps, goodluck|||my recommendation is that you use exfoliating scrub in the shower that really softens your skin and makes it really smooth it scrubs the dead skin cells away so you don%26#039;t have different colour patches of skin. if not see a dermatologist, BTW sunscreen is not for white ppl lol its so that you don%26#039;t get sun burn which leads to cancer any body can get sun burnt but not as quick as others trust me ull look fab !!! b4 you go to bed you should also put some really thick moisturising cream, then wear

woolly socks and clothes that will keep you really warm when you sleep and when you sleep the warmth of your body should really suck in the moisturiser plus sunscreen should always be spf 15+ even better spf 30+ and higher :)

Does the Dermalogica line medibac make your skin sensitive to the sun?

I just started using it about 3 weeks ago. I bought the starter kit and also the skin purifying wipes. It seems my face gets a sunburn after just a couple of minutes in the sun. I am curious about others experiences with it. |||i am Dermalogica skincare user for over 7 years.

Before u buy the starter kit for this medibac, did you get any advice from the beautician? Becoz, i do have experience bought the wrong product and it is totally makes my skin feels awful and sensitive.....