Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why are some Black people lighter in skin tone than others?

Talking about non mixed with other races where their ancestors from other parts in Africa where skin tone is lighter?|||Um...This is an obvious question.

Black people come in all shades and colors, just like Hispanics. People always assume it has something to do with being mixed, but thats not always the case. Two dark skin black parents can have a fair-skinned child. Why? Because of our diverse genetics. We have ancestors have different colors and races that can be traced back for ages. And alot of slave women were raped by white slave masters back in the old days in America, so that is also probably one of the reasons.|||There is genetic variation among humans in all characteristics, including skin tone. As people moved north from Africa to places where they got less sunlight, their skins got lighter so they could absorb more sunlight for making vitamin D, which is essential for health. People near the sunny equator got plenty of sun, so they could continue to prosper with darker skin and still get enough vitamin D. In this sense, dark skin is the default for humans, and lighter skin an adaptation.|||Primarily due to the mixing of races. You can look at the black slaves that were at one time in America nd the slaves that are in Africa and see how dark they are, how tight their hair is look at the blacks in America they don%26#039;t look the same. That was due to a lot of rapes during slavery times, and despite what one wants to believe the majority of rapes were done by the black man to the white woman. And a lot of male slave owners had black woman as mistresses.|||well there are places where africans skin are lighther but the reason that there are lighter colors of black skin is because at some point races were mixed. just because both parents are products of black parents doesnt mean that somewhere down the like of genes their wasnt a white ancestor. during slavery alot of black slaves got pregnant by their white owners. and once the lighter skin tone was established, it moved down generations. genetics is random like that. there are like 32 different shades of black skin, and 7 of white skin. our genetics made it that way and mixture of racial profiles.|||Africans are genetically very diverse, much more so than Europeans. Europeans have a variety of skin tones, so do Africans. Africans derive from very ancient ethnic groups and/or very new ones. Some African groups are 200,000 years old, some are less than 10,000, and everywhere in between.

As an example, people from Sudan are often very dark skinned, people from the %26#039;bushmen%26#039; ethnic group tend to be much lighter.|||common would be skin bleaching, more women are lighter than men somewhat because of this, which is really really sad and pathetic. another reason is genes, im light skinned because i have white ancestors blah blah blah, and many black people are also the same. another reason is the sun :)|||Why do some white people have blue eyes, brown eyes and some grey and some black? Its alleles.|||Less pigmentation.|||GENES. %26amp; THEY STAY OUT OF THE SUN

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